Women Act Against Trolls (WAAT) is an initiative by Digital Empowerment Foundation and OLX WebAware to build a community to fight back against trolls, cyber bullies and online stalkers. We believe that in order to combat online harassment, which is rampant and insidious, we need to make a collective effort. And anybody going through harassment needs to be armed with the right information in order to fight back. This website should help you find all the information you may need in one place.

We’ve put together resources that we think someone going through online harassment will need to take action. Here, you will find digital security toolkits that will help keep you safe online; information about cyber cells in India; a direct email option to help you file a complaint with the cyber cell; a discussion board where you can air your thoughts openly and talk about your experiences or express solidarity with others. We’ve also asked a bunch of stellar organisations to share the things they have learned while working in this area. They will be helping us build this community and arming us with all the information we may need.

About Digital Empowerment Foundation: For 15 years, DEF has been using digital tools to bring rural communities out of information darkness and equipping them with skills to thrive. As part of its Internet Rights programme, it has been fighting to preserve and protect civil liberties online.

About OLX WebAware: WebAware is an online safety initiative of OLX India. It aims to raise awareness among users about measures to keep oneself safe while transacting online. Through this initiative, OLX is reaching out to its users to communicate its safety features and user guidelines. OLX WebAware is an attempt is to educate and help create a safer online experience for buyers and sellers on the platform.